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10 Best Content Writing Services 2023

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, run an eCommerce site, or are a professional looking to market your services, you will need blogs, product descriptions, or web copy for your site. 

So, you grab your hot beverage of choice and see what your competitor’s sites look like – and of course, they’re brilliant. The writing on their sites is captivating and has a consistent tone across pages. 

Business owners and managers have high-leverage tasks to tackle, and mastering writing isn’t something their schedules allow. 

So, what is their secret?

They sifted the internet for content writing services and found one that offered the type and quality of content they wanted. 

If you’re on the hunt for content writing services, you will find thousands of them in a Google search. However, not every content writing service can offer you what you’re looking for.

We’ve shortlisted the ten best content writing services you should consider hiring below. 

10 Best Content Writing Services

Here are ten content writing services that are worth their salt, along with the pros and cons of each:

#1 Candid Content

Whether you’re looking to drive affiliate sales with blogs, market your business with a white paper, or push prospects down the sales funnel with attractive product descriptions, Candid Content has got you covered.

All clients are assigned a content manager who will work with writers, editors, and proofreaders to deliver content that gets you results. Besides being qualified, the writers on our team are trained to meet audience expectations across niches. 

Regardless of the content type you order, you will receive Grammarly Premium and QueText Pro reports at no extra charge. Further, stock images will be included in the content, and once you approve the draft, our team will upload the blogs on your site. 


Candid Content offers a free 1000-word trial with Grammarly and QueText Pro reports included. Plans start at $299 for 10,000 words.


The expert writers at Candid Content have delivered thousands of content pieces across dozens of niches. Our content managers ensure your content needs are met without any hitches. 


The cohesive team, reasonable pricing, and satisfied clientele leave little to be desired. At Candid Content, you can rest assured that your site is in good hands.

#2 asks you for your content requirements and connects you with a writer in their network who has expertly crafted similar content before. 

You needn’t take the time to vet the writer, establish a communication plan, and pay them according to their request like you would if you’d hire a freelancer. does all the legwork for you.


The company offers a managed subscription service starting at $999/month. However, you can also order individual pieces of writing starting at $74.99 for 500 words.


With going great lengths to vet their writers, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on unsatisfactory content. You can request a free sample before placing an order.

Cons charges a small fortune for content. Additionally, unlike other content writing services, the company offers no discounts for large orders. 

#3 ContentWriters

With an easy-to-use website and several satisfied clients, ContentWriters is certainly one of the best content writing services. Like, ContentWriters connects you with an experienced writer who can cater to your demands. 

You can order blog posts, eCommerce content such as product descriptions, and white papers on the ContentWriters site. 

However, if the content you need doesn’t fall under these three brackets, you can use the “custom content” option to find a writer to help you.

The company has served clients in all major industries, so writing quality isn’t something you have to worry about. Further, you can request unlimited revisions on your order – something not all content writing services offer.


You will need to pay for your content per project rather than per word. You can expect to spend a minimum of $99 per project. The larger the project and shorter the deadline, the higher the price. 

If you prefer to leave it to the company to handle your projects from start to finish, you can opt for ContentWriters’ managed services.


The company only works with writers based in the US and has a stringent vetting process. Further, their guidelines ensure that each piece of writing is thoroughly researched, edited, and proofread before delivery.


ContentWriters offers some of the most expensive content of all content writing services on this list. You also cannot pick the writer you want to work with.

#4 Crowd Content

The nice thing about Crowd Content is that they let you choose from their selection of vetted writers. To make things easy for you, the site rates writers according to the quality of their work. You can rely on Crowd Content for all types of content.


You must pay 3 cents per word to work with a writer with a one-star quality rating. On the other hand, the site demands 13.9 cents per word for a four-star writer.

The price also depends on the type of post you need. If you’d rather have the company handle everything from vetting to delivery, you can contact the company about their managed services.


Crowd Content has a network of thousands of writers. The pricing is transparent and reasonable. 


Since you’ll work with writers one-on-one, your mileage may vary with writing quality and delivery consistency.

#5 WordAgents

WordAgents is one of the best content writing services for SEO content at scale. However, the company also offers web copy, eCommerce content, and regular blog posts and articles.

Impressively, the company offers your money back if you don’t receive your order (up to 10,000 words) in seven days or less. 


WordAgents offers three plans: Silver (20,000 words), Gold (60,000 words), and Platinum (100,000+ words). Prices vary from 5.5 cents to 6.5 cents per word, depending on the package you purchase.


Every writer on the team is trained by SEO experts when they join the company. Furthermore, WordAgents’ pricing is transparent, and clients receive discounts for bulk orders.


The company’s pricing is quite competitive yet still on the higher end.

#6 Upwork

Upwork isn’t a content writing service per se – it’s a freelance marketplace where you can hire someone offering content writing services. The site offers a large talent pool and is extremely easy to use. 

You can search for impressive writers and invite them to bid on your job post. Your orders will be delivered on the site, and you also pay the writer via the site.


You can expect to spend between $15 and $80 depending on the post size and the writer’s experience level.


The best thing about Upwork is that it is flocked by writers with experience across all industries and niches.


You will need to work with a few writers before you find one who can meet your content needs and meet them consistently. This can be time-consuming and costly.

#7 Verblio

Another popular content writing service for SEO content, Verblio boasts a network of thousands of US-based writers. Every order comes with a satisfaction guarantee, making it one of the top content writing services anywhere in the world. 


Verblio charges between $40 and $360 per piece, depending on its size. A 300-word piece will cost you $40.


Verblio has an excellent focus on quality assurance, with all content being checked by editors and tested for plagiarism before delivery.


While the writing quality is hard to contest, Verblio is one of the industry’s most expensive content writing services.

#8 WriterAccess

With over 15,000 writers, 500 editors, and hundreds of copywriters, translators, and designers, WritingAccess is one of the largest freelance marketplaces for content writers.

Launched in 2010, the company offers a dedicated customer service system and transparent pricing. 


You will need to pay between $39 and $99 for a membership besides paying your writer. WritingAccess also offers a managed service starting at $349 (writers must be paid separately).


All writers are assigned ratings, allowing you to narrow down your options quickly. 


WritersAccess doesn’t have any staff editors, so you will need to proofread the content on delivery. Further, you might need to work with a few writers to find the right fit.

#9 Contently

Like, Contently matches you with a vetted writer. However, Contently offers a dedicated dashboard to help you manage your content marketing operation. This makes Contently the right option for enterprises with complex content needs.


You can expect to pay no less than $3000 monthly to use Contently, not including the cost of the content you order.


The content management software, coupled with the fact that Contently only hires experienced writers, makes it one of the best content writing services. 


Working with Contently can leave a big dent on your budget, making it ideal for businesses with large budgets.

#10 Express Writers

Fill out the content order form on the Express Writers site, and they will get back to you with a solid proposal. The company hires qualified writers and then trains them to meet every client’s demands.


A general blog costs $27, whereas an expert blog costs $57. Other content types are available, but the prices vary and can put a dent on your budget. 


Express Writers has a team of about 90 trained writers who can deliver anything from newsletters to eBooks in a short time.


Express Writers is one of the most expensive content writing services available for hire.

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