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10 Places to Find Content Writers for Hire​

Content marketing is considered an essential marketing practice in this era of online business. Writing informative content consistently is not easy – it takes time and effort. 

Hiring an experienced content writer who understands your content needs is essential to growing any online business. 

Here are ten places to find expert content writers for hire. 

Why Hire a Content Writer?

The most successful businesses are highly profitable because of their employees’ skills and hard work. And just like balancing accounts and building apps requires skills, writing blogs and marketing material also requires skills. 

Business owners and managers have higher-leverage tasks to manage, and putting in the time and effort to master writing isn’t feasible. Delegating these tasks to a content writer is the best way to run a blog or keep prospects and clients on an email list engaged.  

You’re not just paying for high-quality writing but also the skills and experience the content writer brings to the table. The best content writers understand the audience’s pain points and expectations. Plus, they know how to maintain a clear and consistent tone across the blogs you post on your website.

But remember that content writers are not brand strategists or even affiliate marketers since those are entirely separate domains. It’s best to keep your expectations in check.

10 Places to Find Content Writers for Hire

There are hundreds of websites where you can find a content writer for hire a Google search away. However, not every website has a talent pool worth exploring.

Here are a few agencies, networking sites, and freelance marketplaces you can put your faith into when hiring a content writer: 

#1 Candid Content

Content Writers for Hire​

From articles to affiliate marketing content and creative writing to technical documentation, the writing team at Candid Content has done it all.

Candid is a fully-managed content agency allowing you to pay for your content by the word. You can ask for stock images to be included in your content at no extra charge. 

Further, every piece of content is delivered with Grammarly and QueText Pro reports, allowing you to gauge the quality of the blogs quickly.

Candid will assign you a dedicated content manager to ensure your content needs are met.

#2 Brafton 

Another full-service content agency, Brafton has a team of writers who can deliver high-quality blog posts, case studies, email copy, video scripts, and other content at scale.

Since you’re not hiring a content writer directly, you can expect to pay a premium. However, since it’s a fully-managed service, hiring Brafton is a good idea if you’re running a large business and have a big budget. 

#3 LinkedIn

Besides being a well-known professional networking site, LinkedIn is one of the largest online job posting platforms. When you sign up, you’ll find employers worldwide posting openings for content writers and hundreds of writers applying.

You can quickly post your requirements on your page and reach content writers in your network. You can also DM writers whose portfolios impress you and ask them if they’re interested in writing for you. 

LinkedIn also offers employers to pay and make an official job post that will allow you to connect with experienced writers who can meet your content needs. 

#4 Express Writers

Express Writers works with a team of US-based writers to provide their clientele with high-quality content. The company has a vigorous vetting process – only 2% of applicants make it to the team.

Besides blog posts and social media marketing content, you can order case studies, email copies, eBooks, white papers, and a range of other content types with Express Writers.

The company’s pricing varies from under $20 to over $400, depending on the type of content and quality you’re looking for. You can find all their packages on their shop page.

#5 ContentWriters

Like Express Writers, ContentWriters is a content writing agency offering various content types at different prices. 

The company has built an excellent reputation since it was first established out of a WeWork office in 2013. Today, the company has an office in New York with a growing team of talented writers. 

ContentWriters offers an app enabling you to order content, track your order, and request revisions as necessary. 

#6 Upwork

One of the largest freelance marketplaces online, Upwork enables you to easily connect with content writers that can get the job done. Posting a job is easy, and you can invite content writers to bid on their posts. 

Many freelancers on the platform also offer content writing packages for various content types. If you find such offers on the site and like the freelancer’s portfolio, you can send them a message discussing your content needs.

Upwork is flocked by thousands of writers from around the world, all with different experience levels and areas of expertise. Overall, it’s an excellent place to find writers for hire.

#7 Semrush Content Marketplace

Semrush is primarily a content marketing tool that simplifies SEO research, competitor research, PPC marketing, and social media marketing. However, the company also offers a marketplace. 

All you have to do is feed your requirements to the website. Semrush handles vetting the writers beforehand and matches you with a writer that can cater to your demands.

You can purchase all types of content on the marketplace. You can also use the company’s library of millions of stock images for free without any limits. 

Though the marketplace allows you to work with different writers, you will need to pay a fixed price per word since it’s a managed service.

#8 Scripted

Unlike the other content writing marketplaces on this list, you will need to purchase a membership on Scripted to access the company’s network of expert writers. The membership comes with content credits you must use to pay the writers you hire. 

However, the membership fee is exclusive of the commissions you pay the writers on the site. If you want more content than the credits offered with the membership allow you to purchase, you will need to shell out more.

#9 Crowd Content

Crowd Content allows site owners, marketers, and businesses to order content on-demand on a self-serve basis. Businesses with larger budgets can opt for the company’s managed enterprise content service.  

Whether you’re looking for blog posts, press releases, or local SEO city pages, Crowd Content can tailor content to meet your needs. All you’ll need to do is log in and place an order. You will soon receive a draft and can request revisions as necessary. 

#10 WordAgents

If you’re looking for a team that can deliver well-written content in high quantities and don’t mind paying a premium for the convenience, WordAgents is an agency you should consider working with.

You can pay for a specific amount of words and use the “credits” to request content of any type and in any niche. Articles are delivered within 7 days, and you will need to wait up to three days for the revisions you request.

How to Pick from the Best Content Writers for Hire

Setting clear expectations of what type of content you’re looking for is essential to avoiding trouble later. 

Any content writer can only work with the details you have supplied, and if you don’t take note of your expectations and formally address them in your job posting, the writer won’t be at fault. Besides the niche, keyword, and content type, ensure you also address tonal requirements. 

Not only will this save you and the writer the hassle of working out a revised piece of content, but it will also help winnow out writers you don’t want to work with.

A great way to determine whether the writer could offer what you need is to ask for samples of their previous work. A ghostwriter will either send you links to uploaded content or documents you can review. 

After shortlisting the best writers you’ve found, it’s time to have a conversation with them. You can ask them about their turn-around time, schedule, research process, SEO process, etc.

Establish a communication plan with the writers you’re most interested in working with, asking them to write a few pieces for you. The process works out organically from here, and you’ll quickly find yourself working with one or two writers who understand the ins and outs of your business’s content needs. 


Now that you’re acquainted with the best places to find content writers for hire and know how to hire one, all that’s left to do is visit the sites on our shortlist. 

You will quickly find an agency or writer that can help your business grow.

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