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10 Best Sites to Hire Article Writers

The modern consumer is a careful consumer. 

Regardless of which product or service you’re marketing online, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the modern shopper will research it before reaching for their wallet. 

This makes it vital for any online business to establish its authority in the market. Consumers won’t be keen on converting unless they know your business is trustworthy.

The good news?

You can hire article writers in a few clicks to create search-engine optimized articles for your site. Publishing these will help your website become more visible and trustworthy. 

Publish four blogs a week, and you’ll have a shot at the #1 spot on Google’s SERPs.

Here’s a shortlist of the ten places you can hire article writers and fuel your business’s growth.

What is an Article Writer?

Article writers are digital marketing professionals with the research skills and linguistic know-how to craft beautifully-structured, sensibly-worded blog posts, news articles, or content pieces for other publishing mediums.

The best article writers understand the expectations of both the search engine and the business’s target audience and use this information to write pieces that drive clicks.

10 Best Sites to Hire Article Writers

Here are ten content agencies and freelance marketplaces to end your search for an article writer:

#1 Candid Content


Candid Content saves you the burdens of vetting, hiring, and managing individual article writers. It is a fully managed service delivering quality articles that are edited, proofread, CMS-formatted, and SEO-optimized by industry experts.

The team is highly versatile and capable of handling any volume of content. Furthermore, all the articles are delivered with Grammarly Premium and QueText Pro plagiarism reports at no extra charge. 

You can ask your dedicated content manager for free stock images and publish your articles on your site post-delivery.

With packages starting at just $299 for 10,000 words of content, Candid Content’s services are both affordable and all-inclusive. 

Take your first step to ranking #1 on the SERPs. Order a free 1000-word blog from Candid Content today. 

#2 Verblio

If you like the idea of paying a monthly subscription for a specific number of quality-assured articles, you must check out Verblio.

The site will ask you to build your custom plan when you sign up. You can input the details of your content requirements, including whether you want stock photos, CMS formatting, and back-end SEO optimization. 

You will receive your orders soon and can accept them or demand revisions. The company only hires US-based writers. So, you don’t have to worry about dialectical differences making your content less impressive.

Verblio is certainly one of the best places to hire article writers if you have a bigger budget.

#3 Upwork


Upwork is a reputed freelance marketplace with a vast pool of experienced writers. You can sign up for free and post a job with specific content requirements. 

Writers will soon apply to your job, and you can even use the site’s search feature to find impressive writers and invite them to check your job post.

Upwork’s user-friendly interface makes for hassle-free communication with writers. Additionally, all payments are processed through escrow, providing added security for both parties. 

The site allows you to hire writers by the hour or pay a fixed price per project. Overall, Upwork is a solid choice to hire article writers if you want to remain hands-on with your site’s content creation. 

#4 Semrush Content Marketplace


Semrush is a household name in the digital marketing industry and is known for simplifying competitor research, PPC marketing, social media marketing, and SEO research. However, Semrush also has a content marketplace. 

You can order articles on the site right after signing up. Feed your requirements into the site, and Semrush will quickly match you with writers based on your content needs. 

Semrush vets all the writers before allowing them to join the marketplace, so you can expect a richer talent pool than in an open-to-all freelance marketplace like Upwork.

You can order all types of content – technical pieces, marketing copy, or affiliate marketing articles – on the marketplace. Users of this marketplace gain free and unlimited access to the millions of stock images on the site.

Note that you must pay the writers a fixed price per word. 

#5 ContentWriters


ContentWriters is a New York-based agency you can hire article writers from. Sign up, and you can quickly specify the number of articles you need, their length, and the associated keywords.

If parts of an article don’t satisfy you, you can request revisions until it hits the mark. The company even offers an app to help customers manage their orders.

#6 Scripted


Scripted has a similar approach to the Semrush marketplace in that it demands purchasing a membership to access the marketplace. 

You must then purchase content credits to hire article writers on the platform. Though the company vets its writers, guaranteeing quality writing, you will pay a premium. 

If you have a comfortable monthly budget for your content marketing efforts, Scripted is a viable marketplace to rely on.

#7 WordAgents


WordAgents is a professional SEO content writing service that specializes in delivering high-quality SEO articles in bulk. 

With affordable rates and a large team of experienced writers, WordAgents is an excellent choice if you need huge volumes of content. 

Sign up and purchase “word credits,” and you’re ready to place an order. You must submit the keywords associated with the articles you want, and the company will handle the rest. 

You can optionally supply specific instructions to ensure the content meets your expectations.

#8 LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a popular social media platform designed specifically for professional networking. As the largest platform of its kind, LinkedIn hosts a plethora of talented writers.

You can search for writers using LinkedIn’s search engine or post a job on your company page and have writers apply directly to your job post. 

LinkedIn supplies the option to boost your job post with paid boosts to attract more qualified applicants. 

#9 Brafton 


Brafton is a premier content marketing agency that offers a wide range of services, including world-class article writing. 

Boasting a large team of skilled writers and years of experience working with high-profile clients, Brafton is a household name in the content marketing world. 

Whether you’re in the market for a few articles or a complete content strategy, Brafton has the expertise to deliver exactly what you need. 

Reach out to their team, and they’ll walk you through the process, providing guidance tailored to your specific requirements. Brafton also offers creative services such as graphic design to enhance your articles.

#10 Express Writers


Express Writers is a leading content writing agency specializing in delivering top-notch articles. 

You can place an order for articles or “blog posts.” You have the option to choose from several different categories, including “expert blogs,” “general blogs,” “specialty blogs,” and more, based on your specific requirements.

Once you’ve confirmed your order details, Express Writers will get to work crafting your content. Of course, you can request revisions if you need to when you receive your articles. 

Though Express Writers charge a hefty fee, you can rely on them to deliver quality writing. 

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