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Technical Writing Services

Candid Content delivers a wide range of technical writing solutions, guiding the content design, strategy, content management approaches, and publishing of your documentation. 

Whether you need a patent for your growing business or want to publish a white paper to increase brand authority, our team has got you covered.

Our team of technical writers, web designers, and project managers follow a predetermined process to ensure the high quality of the first draft. 

Some of the common problems that IT organizations of all sizes face is that there is no one on the team to work on the documentation. This leads to other employees writing the documentation and producing varying quality documentation.

At Candid Content, customer communication is a top priority, and our teams will do the due diligence to ensure every document meets the market.

We will also help you put customer intent and requirements into perspective in our correspondence to allow for accurate documentation.

From SOPs to safety sheets and training material, our seasoned writers have delivered a variety of technical documents. Enquire now to meet your technical writing needs by submitting your details in the form below.

Free Premium Add-on Services

Instant Quality Markers

Candid Content’s service add-ons allow you to measure the quality of the content objectively.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO enables business owners to gauge content qualitatively and quantitatively with Powerful On-Page SEO. 

Quetext Pro

With most of our deliveries clocking in under 10% plagiarism, this addon will ensure originality.


Our team of qualified writers have over a decade of combined experience, with our expansive portfolio holding hundreds of projects across business and other niches

Technical Writing Services

With a dedicated team for technical writing projects, Candid Content has dozens of proposals, reports, white papers, and technical descriptions under its belt.

Blogpost Writing Service

With thousands of blog posts published and an array of satisfied clients, the writing team has perfected writing informative and fun-to-read posts.

SEO Content Writing Service

The writing team is trained to use keywords at an optimal frequency while ensuring the natural inclusion of keywords.                                                       

Amazon Affiliate Content Writing

For affiliates, the visitors and earnings dictate the bottom line. Our enticing and informative affiliate posts help build better bottom lines.                     

Informational Content Writing

Whether you’re looking to publish evergreen content or want to post time-limited content, Candid Content can help establish your brand voice.                    

Essay writing service

Brainstorming the idea of the prompt after researching numerous sources and presenting a strong thesis is an unfailing tactic that keeps our clientele satisfied. 

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